Technology and Humanity

The International Institute of Technology and Humanity (IITH), LLC was founded, as a company to utilize technological advances to eliminate poverty globally, across borders researching, describing, developing, educating, and implementing ways to enable the free movement of people, products, and production.

Technology and its application have been shown to be key elements to elimination of poverty, sustainability, growth of culture, inspiration of arts and science, political, governmental and business participation and the empowerment of people.  Technology is also a vehicle to preserve and transmit culture, our common world heritage and can be a tool to emphasize the importance of indigenous knowledge, transparency, civic and social participation of all peoples regardless of race, gender, religion, social status, or ethnic background.

IITH works to analyze complex situations dealing with issues ranging from technology transfer policies, intellectual property protections, sustainable development, environmental concerns, and international law, and then identify areas for further development, network with and organize other likeminded organizations and governments, and prepare proposals for adaption by international organizations and governments to implement domestically in the host state or through international treaties.

Humanity’s development is tied to technology in all aspects from use of manufacturing intellectual property and knowhow, transit and transportation, to remote sensing to develop proper agricultural planting and harvesting to mass communication through mobile phones, portable internet, and devices that do not require extensive electrical and wiring networks.  In accordance with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, IITH promotes programs for the free movement of people, products and production recognizing this as hallmarks of sustainable development.  IITH promotes methods of using technology to empower people and realize their rights to an adequate standard of living, food, housing, education, health, work, social security and to share in the benefits of social progress.

Peace through tourism and the elimination of poverty through travel are natural developments from the technological advances of the modern age of mass transportation and travel and IITH works to enable this progression.  IITH works with the travel industry, tourism organizations, and governments to produce a better world for all of humanity through the advancements of technology.